Christian Care Centers Meets FPR’s Document Management Systems

Organization: Christian Care Centers
Location: D/FW, Texas
Year Established: 1947
Primary Business: Elderly Healthcare

Christian Care Centers, Inc. is a not-for-profit, faith-based, (501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that operates three elder-care campuses in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex providing quality housing and health care services for seniors in North Texas regardless of race, color, creed, religion, or national origin. They have since benefited tremendously from FPR’s document management systems.

Christian Care Centers was founded on April 4, 1947 under the name “Home for the Aged” in Gunter, Texas, as a ministry to retired church of Christ ministers. The old Gunter Bible College housed the first residents, who were cared for by monetary donations from individuals and churches, as well as contributions, such as cows, garden produce, pigs, and other necessities, from area neighbors. Later known as Hilltop Haven, it was one of the first area nursing communities in Texas to be certified for Alzheimer’s care.

I have never had any questions on FPR’s integrity. It has always been top notch. They do what they say and they say what they do...

Client Testimonial: Christian Care Centers

Highlights Realized by Christian Care Centers with FPR’s Document Management Systems

  • The output asset environment was right-sized, allowing for the elimination of a portion of their output fleet, ultimately reducing the quantity of output assets.
  • A consistent platform was established through the consolidation process, streamlining the environment. This move ultimately increased service response, up-time and device reliability.
  • Through the consolidation process, the elimination of the low-performing service providers to a consolidated managed solution allowed for increased service response, increasing dependability and productivity.
  • As is typically seen, the recommended solution allowed for a shift away from a silo-based management approach to a consolidated approach.
  • Peripherally, this allowed for single-source invoicing encompassing all output assets within the organization.
  • FPR implemented a managed solution that provided Christian Care Centers with a single point of contact to address all output devices.
  • The recommended solution has dramatically assisted the Christian Care Centers staff by eliminating non-core tasks associated with supporting output assets from their daily routines, enabling them to focus on the primary initiatives.
  • FPR upgraded the output fleet and increased the functionality of key output assets, allowing for greater productivity.
  • Because the DOAM model developed by FPR utilizes integrated life cycle services to manage critical business document output assets throughout their lifespan of value, technology refresh is proactively optimized on a continual basis.

FPR Mission

Our mission is to successfully deliver value through visibility. One of the ways we serve our clients is by proactively recognizing trends in the marketplace and then applying a best-in-class strategy to effectively guide our clients into those trends which benefit them the most. Ethically, our compass for decision making from our executive team down is very simply biblically based.

We thank you again for considering our organization and the business model we believe to be second to none.