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What Makes FPR Unique?

There are three key differentiators that set FPR apart from every other company that is reaching out to you today, the significance of which, cannot be overstated. FPR are Independent, Cost-Recovery, Consultants who help companies reduce the complexity and improve management within these areas of your business.

Document Output
Expense Management

Looking to right-size and improve your document output environment?

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Ready to Right-Size?

For over a decade, the team of experts at FPR have assisted organizations of all size in reducing the expenditures and improving the visibility and controls relative to the management of their document output environment.
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Expense Management

Is your telecom infrastructure outdated or expense structure out of control?

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Time To Untangle!

The cost to an organization to effectively manage the telecommunications infrastructure can easily spiral out of control. The experts at FPR are equipped to assist you in most effectively managing your telecom environment.
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Expense Management

Interested in investigating solutions to your sky-high energy expenses?

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Your Light Bulb Moment!

FPR has assembled the expertise to assist companys in reducing their overall monthly energy expenditures. Our energy-efficiency solutions impact both our clients electricity rates as well as their total energy consumption.
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FPR News

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Evaluating Post COVID Positioning

By |Monday, March 22, 2021|Cost Reduction, Document Output, Electricity, IT Cost Management, Telecom|

Coming out of the COVID pandemic of the last 12 months, companies should consider evaluating all areas of the business to ensure the new corporate landscape with remote workers [...]

Resellers and Quota-Based Selling: Why That’s Not In Your Best Interest

By |Monday, March 16, 2020|Cost Reduction, Document Output, IT Cost Management, Telecom|

Salespeople sell. That is their job. Unfortunately, what qualifies as a success for them does not always translate to a win for their customers. If the salesperson is facing [...]

Quantifying Current Spend Is Your Ground Zero

By |Monday, February 10, 2020|Cost Reduction, Document Output, Electricity, IT Cost Management, Telecom|

Controlling spending habits cannot happen until that spending is measured. Management looking for ways to cut costs in a business must, therefore, take the time to lay out their expenses in [...]

FPR’s Industry-Unique VISIONAnalysis™ Methodology

By |Friday, January 17, 2020|Cost Reduction, Document Output, IT Cost Management|

Freedom Profit Recovery believes in taking the most methodical approach possible to improving your bottom line and maximizing your cost reduction. We always utilize our up-to-the-moment analytics and industry knowledge [...]

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