Document Output Management: The Cost Reduction Solution

Our industry-unique tools and analytics places us in a position to most effectively deliver an objective, fact-based assessment of your existing document management environment which ultimately drives the proposed solution and recommendation for your organization.

As independent, cost-recovery based consultants (a.k.a. Managed Savings Providers™), our offering is simple. Unless we are able to successfully deliver hard-dollar savings to you, our client, we earn zero. Period. On top of that, our typical engagement results in a solution that addresses the entire document output infrastructure, which delivers an immediate hard-dollar cost savings from 19% to 35%, day one without one penny of capital spend.

Our Many Hats & Approaches to Cost Reduction

By design, the approach we employ requires us to function under a few functional roles.

Analysis with our Industry-Unique VISIONAnalysis™

At the onset of our engagement, we operate as analysts within your business environment. Through our industry-unique VISIONAnalysis™ analytics tool, we function primarily as fact-gathering agents, documenting and assessing your existing document output environment. Upon successful completion of our assessment, we compile this data to create decision-making tools for your executive team. Within this executive summary, we outline with granular clarity every aspect of your output environment by individual asset, its output and total cost of ownership. Critical to our process is the fact that we physically touch every asset and use your real data, not industry standards or broad-based assumptions.

Document Output Consultants Means We Ensure You Have The Right Device In The Right Place For The Right Person

Once we have successfully analyzed your environment, we switch hats. As consultants, we are experts in the area of document management and output whose main goal is to ensure that you have the right device in the right place for the right person™. Paramount to our success is that we be knowledgeable of what is available in the marketplace. Our personnel continually evaluate the very best technology to ensure that your dynamic needs are most effectively addressed. Our team of consultants has the expertise to successfully navigate you through this business mine field.

Accountable During Integrations and Transitions

Unlike typical consultants, our job does not stop at the recommendation. Upon successful analysis and recommendation, our team manages any transition and implementation associated with the proposed solution. This ensures we are accountable through the entire process.

Managed Savings Provider™ Gives you Long-Term Cost Reduction

Our role is simple. Introduce solutions that result in real dollar cost reductions and manage those solutions over time to deliver sustainable, long-term results. Quarter over quarter, we revisit your environment and report back with the state of savings for that period and over the net term of the agreement. This gives you long-term management tools to ensure that your changing business is indeed changing as it needs to optimize positive financial impact.

We successfully introduced the cost recovery model to document output. And because of this, our clients outsource document output to us.

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