Who’s Really Making Recommendations to You?

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Freedom Profit Recovery (FPR) prides ourselves on providing the best in consulting services to all of our clients, and are happy to extend some of those services to the general public as well. We believe in helping all people become educated about best-practices in our areas of impact for the global marketplace. To this end, we have authored a cost management white paper that we feel will be useful to our clients as well as to those considering our services or those who would just like a bit more education about our managed savings solutions. Read an overview of FPR’s and how we’ve become trusted Managed Savings Providers™ in the white paper Who’s Really Making Recommendations to You? and how you can download the document for yourself at no cost.

Managed Savings Provider™

FPR is the industry-unique Managed Savings Provider™, and the only one you’ll ever need. We exist to help you deal with competition in the global economy, both perceived and real. We believe that our comprehensive independent knowledge base is vital to helping our clients find financial freedom in today’s complex marketplace. We offer a unique cost-recovery approach which builds on our experience and expertise in:

How We Are Unique

We believe that a strong consulting services company like FPR relies upon three key areas to deliver a unique and unparalleled service. These key areas include:

  • Independence
  • Basis in Cost Recovery
  • Managed Savings Focus



Many other companies claim to do what we do, but most of them focus more on selling you additional products, services and hardware. We have no such partnerships to push. By remaining independent, we are able to give you the best unbiased analysis and recommendations for your services. In short, we put your interests first.

Cost Recovery

By focusing heavily on cost recovery, we have a vested interest in not trying to sell you products and services you don’t need. In fact, selling you these things would actually undermine the services we provide. That means that you can count on us to deliver real, hard savings through a proprietary VISONAnalysis™ process.

Managed Savings

People tend to mistrust analysts these days, and possibly for good reason. We, however, are not out to charge you a few hundred dollars an hour to hand over yet another project. We base all of our advice on its applicability and usability to your real life operations. We don’t simply recommend solutions; we deliver and manage them as well. And then, over the life-cycle of our engagement we report on-going success to you and your team.  When we say that we are Managed Savings Providers™, we have earned that title.

Our White Paper

Our white paper goes into much more detail about the above, and lays out our VISIONAnalysis™ process for helping you with the analytics and delivery you need. From analyzing your assets based on device type to identifying areas where you can improve workflow and processes, we are here to be your partner in this increasingly complex economy.

If your interest is piqued, you can read the white paper for yourself at absolutely no cost. Simply click the buttons below to schedule a meeting with FPR or to download our overview white paper today!

About FPR

FPR is a privately-held North American-based consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. Through our industry-unique VISIONAnalysis™ process, we have successfully combined unparalleled expertise and comprehensive intelligence to deliver significant value and cost management to our clients. FPR collaborates with its clients to help them achieve high performance.

For more information, please feel free to contact Mr. Brent Newton at FPR at (972) 650-0700.

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