How Do I Make the Cut to Become a FPR Vendor

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One of our maxims and primary value propositions to clients is that we are not commission motivated. Many office document management vendors or printing services companies will make empty promises and use rhetorical acrobatics to convince customer leads that their solution is the best one for them. Since these vendor salespeople are often distracted by the need to make a profit rather than actually helping customers, they often have trouble distinguishing truth from fiction.

By contrast, Freedom Profit Recovery only makes money from the cost savings we pass on to customers. This model motivates us to find affordable solutions that work. So how do we find those solutions? And how does a vendor increase their chances of getting picked? The answer is both simple and complex: we pick the perfect vendor for each client at the given moment. Low cost is part of the criteria, but so is reliable service and a sound fit with the business’s operating needs.

In short, all a vendor has to be is perfect. Here are some of the ways we decide what perfection means:

A Solid Customer Service Reputation

The saying goes, “You get what you pay for,” and while that is not always true, it does point out that the cheapest company is not always the best. Some printing services companies are able to provide competitive prices because they gut everything else that would normally be considered essential — like, say, having someone to answer the phones.

For this reason, price is always secondary to reputation. We will always seek out vendors that save our clients’ money, but first, we try to choose vendors who can stand behind their promises and offer value beyond a price point. Our reputation research includes referrals, customer reviews, press runs and sometimes even an interview. We want to guarantee our clients positive experiences; otherwise, we risk our own reputation in the process.

A Fair Pricing Model

Once again, price only tells part of the story. Some vendors may have a bait-and-switch tactic where bare-bones service is advertised at a low price, but any add-ons become prohibitively expensive. We want to ensure that a client’s vendor contracts are not only affordable, but that they can meet all the clients’ needs flexibly. Sometimes this vetting process involves negotiation, and other times it comes down to simple unit price division. The end goal is always cost-savings on a large scale, not just on paper.

A Perfect Pairing Between Office Document Management Vendor and Client

If we entered into long-term relationships with vendors, we would end up feeling just as much pressure to recommend their services over other, perhaps better-fit, vendors. Instead, every client contract is handled on a case-by-case basis. Some office document management vendors or printing services companies may be great for one company but terrible for another. We always analyze client needs on a granular level and assess which vendor can fit those needs like a glove.

So How Do You Make the Cut? Be Perfect All the Time

Being a consistent Freedom Profit Recovery vendor is not easy, but those who can provide fair, affordable pricing along with excellent customer service and flexible service options are most likely to make the cut.

If you think you have what it takes to partner with us in order to provide a given solution to one of our clients, use our contact form.

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