How Our Managed Print Services Find 80% of Cost Savings

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Sometimes the simplest changes are what makes the biggest difference. Freedom Profit Recovery’s managed printer services believes in finding the most targeted cost savings through strategic analysis and our own extensive research. By helping you develop the perfect document output network using fast, efficient wireless laser printers, we can give your document output needs the efficiency and performance they deserve.

Eliminate redundancy, coordinate printing networks for maximum convenience and productivity, and find the software solutions you need to minimize stress as well as down times. Freedom Profit Recovery can make it all happen, and 80 percent of this targeted managed printing services savings happens by helping clients get the right device in the right place, fully utilized.

Why Most Document Output Systems Lead to Waste

Printing problems on a personal scale actually tend to mirror the problems an organization faces overall. Namely, the printing network’s structure (or lack thereof) tends to lead to confusion, delays and waste.

Someone sending off a print job may walk to the intended printer several times, only to find each time that the print request was still not fulfilled. The worker checks back at their workstation and sends the print request another time. In an office a few doors down, someone else has just recycled the third copy of a file they did not want while they await their own print request.

Cacophonous tendencies like these are magnified when looking at the organizational scale. Print requests are sent automatically from a workstation to a printer, usually one selected as default. If the worker is confused about the printer name, or their request ends up in a queue that has been interrupted with printing issues, the print request appears to have not been honored and is sent again. Everyone is frustrated, no one has the level of clarity they were promised, and usually as many as four departments — IT, finance, operations and procurement — are all juggling complaints and print optimization initiatives.

Freedom Profit Recovery can develop a unified, sensible system that adds transparency to this confusion and reduces waste. By locating the just-right laser printer with the needed features and capabilities, a small capital investment can yield big returns in the form of printing efficiency and operating cost reduction. A software solution can help even further; by allowing each document to be sent to the cloud and released at any available print workstation, workers have the flexibility and transparency they need to fulfill their print tasks without headaches.

80% Cost Savings Through Managed Printer Services

Before Freedom Profit Recovery even begins suggesting solutions, we assess your document output behaviors on a granular level. By measuring document output, we can help manage it more effectively with suggested long-term solutions that provide the needed functionality. This also includes reducing the cost of printing images. Each suggestion we make is precisely determined during the research phase in order to discern which laser printer device needs to go where as well as what systems are needed to fully utilize the system’s capabilities.

In the end, it becomes all about bringing harmony to your printing ecosystem. With smart, data-backed optimization choices and a long-term commitment to always discovering the current best-fit solutions, we can provide consistent cost savings month after month with one less thing for operations and IT to fret about.

Are you ready to simplify your office printing and realize these cost savings? Click here to get started.

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