How to Save on Printing with Document Management

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Around the late ‘90s, personal computers and office printers started to become less of a luxury and more of a standard. They were bought up in huge numbers until their sales volume finally peaked in 2010.

At that point, companies and individuals began to see the power of document management. Consumer sales of multifunction inkjet printers dropped 12 percent from 2010 to 2011, and have declined ever since. Businesses across the world realized that document management could not only save them on printing costs and equipment, but it could also enable whole new levels of productivity. Document capture systems could rapidly send and share documents across departments. Collaborative programs could allow hundreds of individuals to view and edit a document at once. Storage of digital files allowed for rapid retrieval in the future without worry of fading or physical damage.

All of these benefits come coupled with tangible business cost savings returns. Therefore, businesses that do not consider their options for document output management now risk wasting time, money and productivity until they do.

How to Save on Printing in a Business with Document Management

Document output management software can fulfill the bulk of most business document needs, including printing, but they are not a solution by themselves. After all, each software choice offers different features, scales and price points, leaving only a few solutions that are truly viable for a unique organization. Sifting through all the options requires extensive research, and even then deceptive vendors may mislead businesses into thinking that their solution can deliver the best results.

Hiring a vendor agnostic cost recovery consulting firm like Freedom Profit Recovery enables your business to find the perfect solution or solutions for your needs. We always examine every option available instead of jumping straight to the most popular software solutions. In fact, your business may not need additional software at all.

After examining your business activities from the ground up, we will consider the best match for hardware, software and services that will allow you to lower your cost-per-printed page and general document output overhead. We remain independent of all vendors, cutting through the fluff to find objective facts that allow us to decide upon the perfect solution for you.

Managing Document Management as an Ongoing Savings Provider

Freedom Profit Recovery is unique in that we do not charge up-front fees and also in that we oversee your business activities for an extended period for additional cost savings opportunities. Instead of charging a fee for our services, we instead draw a small percentage of the cost savings we help you realize as a commission. This arrangement motivates us to find as much cost recovery potential as possible while providing you with maximum value.

That fact that we engage long-term with our clients enables us to see that the recommended solutions are working. It also permits us the chance to adjust your document management environment should the needs of your organization shift. You can find out why our special style of cost recovery consulting works amazingly by reading about our document management cost reduction services.

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