Managed Print Services Can Control Costs Even if It Can’t Control the Tech

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No matter how advanced it gets, technology can remain inherently unreliable. Constant printer down times and repairs are often a huge source of overhead for modern offices. However, these costs are not necessarily coming from the printing equipment itself but rather the services used to keep them online and functioning. Freedom Profit Recovery is skilled at performing its industry-unique print audit for professional organizations in order to determine the managed print services that can recapture unnecessary expenses and funnel them back into the bottom line.

Read on to learn how we can control your costs and make your whole office feel friendlier towards its printing equipment, even when it lets them down.

Office Space as a Managed Print Services Parable

In perhaps the most iconic scene from Mike Judge’s 1999 comedy Office Space, the main character Peter tells his cohorts that he stole something from the office. Their eyes light up in curiosity. Cut to an open field, where Peter drops the most notorious office enemy they have ever faced: their floor’s printer. The gang proceeds to stomp, kick and pummel the printer with a baseball bat in a montage reminiscent of early ‘90s crime movies like Boyz in the Hood. Basically, the printer disrespected their crew, and it had to go.

What is so memorable about this scene is not its ironic, satirical portrayal substituting a piece of office equipment for a human body, but rather its wish fulfillment. Even though the technology has improved, printers can still become the enemy of the office through their incessant down times, arcane errors and general complexity. The moments of pure frustration and anger levelled at the printer are peppered throughout Office Space, no doubt to make us relate to its characters’ struggles. The beatdown was just a juicy payoff.

In this situation, what really let down the Office Space characters was less the frustrating equipment but more their workplace’s expectation that employees tangle with the printer alone. No support comes to the rescue. No one shows empathy. The employees are left to their own devices, and resentment builds.

Breaking Down Costs of Printer Breakdowns with Print Audits

In truth, modern offices do not need to place their employees through such trials. They can enlist the help of managed print services, which ensure that equipment is well-maintained. When problems do arrive, backup options and friendly support are available. The frustrating inevitability of unreliable tech becomes tempered through the control managed print services provides.

Freedom Profit Recovery can obtain all of these capabilities for your business while still reducing your printing costs. We are skilled at identifying managed print services solutions through our comprehensive print audits and our VISIONAnalysis™ approach. Every one of our clients enjoys more reliable, capable service from their printing equipment and with no extra cost to pay for the privilege. We keep your office printing, sharing, storing and virtually capturing documents like clockwork, so kidnapping the printer does not have to be the only logical solution to relieve employees’ pain.

Give your employees the sanity and smooth work environment they deserve while putting more money back into your pocket. That is the FPR promise. Visit our managed print services page to get started.

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FPR is a privately-held North American-based consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. Through our industry-unique VISIONAnalysis™ process, we have successfully combined unparalleled expertise and comprehensive intelligence to deliver significant value and cost management to our clients. FPR collaborates with its clients to help them achieve high performance.

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