Reducing Your Printing Cost Per Image

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Businesses and organizations looking to reduce their overall printing costs can start by determining their printing’s cost per image rate and then seeking out methods to strategically reduce that rate. Quantifying a cost per image rate is not always a simple matter, but by assessing overhead, expenditures, service costs and daily printing activities, business savings analysts can establish a concrete number for what each printing costs. That number may even be quite surprising considering printing costs can get out of hand for some offices.

During the engagement period, Freedom Profit Recovery will assess cost per image along with all of the salient contributing factors that could have a high influence inflating the cost. Then, we make strategic recommendations for organizations in order to incrementally reduce their cost per image rate. To help organizations get a clearer idea of how we go about this, we present three of the following strategies we typically deploy in order to earn our clients a lower cost per image rate.

Right Device in the Right Place

We spoke about this topic in one of our last blogs, but there truly is no overemphasizing how critical printing device choice and strategic placement is for reducing cost per image. Our typical recommendation is high-efficiency laser printers, which are able to provide an astoundingly low cost per image from a hardware perspective, especially within organizations that have a high typical printing volume.

Strategic placement allows for fewer devices to be deployed more effectively. Doing so not only reduces capital investments for equipment on a per-employee basis, but it also can simplify the printing network architecture overall. Well-structured printing ecosystems incur less downtimes and enjoy lower maintenance costs than an approach that assigns each employee their own device.

Document Output Software for Maximum Control

There are two major factors that balloon cost per image from a supply perspective: printing mistakes, which lead to wasted paper, and physical document printing when a digital copy would suffice. As the incidence of these two problems is reduced, cost per image rates can be decreased dramatically.

The right document management software often provides this needed level of efficiency, control and transparency into daily printing behaviors. Modern document output and management systems can capture print images into the cloud for easy sharing… and potentially save you 80%. These cloud images can also be released at network printers, eliminating a large portion of wasted printing from print requests erroneously sent to the wrong device.

Managed Printer Services for Flexible Responsiveness

Freedom Profit Recovery differs from most cost reduction specialists in that we continue working with our clients to ensure that the solutions we offer provide the desired effect on operating cost reduction. As outcomes are measured and the client organization inevitably evolves, new solutions are considered to be best-fit for the organization’s daily needs.

Discover more about how FPR can help measure and then master your cost per image using our tailored managed printer services and solutions. Visit our document output cost savings services page to get started.

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