Case Study: Texas Legends and FPR’s Document Management Solutions

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We like to build relationships with our clients and periodically evaluate how our recommendations for ways to cut costs in business are panning out for them. With this goal in mind, we sat down with the president of the Texas Legends, Malcolm Farmer.

Mr. Farmer is a long-time client of ours since he approached us over a year ago requesting help with their current document management practices. As a member of the NBA’s development league, the Legends must operate on a strict budget or face cutbacks to important programs like training, outreach and marketing.

After many months of working with Mr. Farmer and helping the Texas Legends optimize their document output practices, we asked him how he felt about Freedom Profit Recovery and whether he has benefited from our relationship.

Describe Your Document Output Environment Prior to FPR

Prior to FPR, we were using a multitude of other companies. When there was an issue, it was always ‘let me try and get as far away from this issue as possible’ because you knew it was going to become a two or three-hour process to try and figure out and track down who is responsible for that component.

Can You Speak to Our Vendor Independence and How It Benefits the Texas Legends?

I can’t speak to it enough. As a consumer, I get to go to bed knowing: Okay, there’s no conflict of interest here. I’m getting honest feedback. I’m getting honest results as to where our output is in terms of printing and paper, and as a result, I’m being put in the best position possible with FPR.

Is There a Benefit to Having a Single Point of Contact to Manage Your Document Output Environment?

Our staff used to play a game of “Not It!” you know. An issue came up with the printer or the copier or the fax, and now it’s kind of the opposite. Whoever’s got the issue, they just call it in, and they know “It’s not my problem. It’s FPR’s problem, and they’re going to fix it.” We put the ball in their court, and to be frank, we typically have service even quicker than we did in the past, even once we found out who we were supposed to go to.

Describe Your On-Going Experiences with FPR

I have a lot of experiences, and they’re all positive. I get the reports quarterly. We have an issue; we call it in. So, all of our experiences have been overwhelmingly positive.

FPR Aims to Be a Partner with Our Clients. Have We Succeeded?

FPR is absolutely a partner. I doubt we have any other vendors who are coming back to us and saying, “Hey, let me give you your money back.” To me, that sums up a partnership.

Can You Speak to FPR’s True-Usage Utility Program?

In essence, they took money out of their own pocket and gave it back to us. They could have just as easily have said, “Oh, you hit the same level, and we’ll just roll it over for you in the future, and that’s great,” but they literally came back and said “Hey, you don’t need the level at which we’re giving you right now, and we’re going to adjust to give you some more dollars back in your pocket.”

Does the Quarterly Review from FPR Provide Tangible Value to the Texas Legends?

There is tremendous value in the quarterly reports.

If You Had to Describe FPR in Two Words, What Would They Be?

Two words: “Absolutely magnificent.”

Find out how we can become your partners and find ways to cut costs for your business today!

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