The Power of “The Paper Test” Print Audit

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When we perform cost analysis tasks like a print audit, we often tend to get zoomed out to an abstract level. We may see excess costs, but our brains do not process them in a way that feels like money has truly been wasted.

One way to snap out of this dissociation is to look at concrete, physical objects and understand exactly what they mean in terms of cost. So start right now. Grab a piece of paper off of your desk or out of your files and take a long, hard look at it. Do you know how much that single sheet of paper cost you? Not just in terms of reams, but also ink, printing equipment, overhead, service costs and more? Now, add on opportunity costs, the time your employees spent doing tasks that helped get that paper printed as opposed to tasks that could be more productive.

Once you are able to tally all these numbers together, you end up with a pretty meaningful, grounded result. Then, every time you look at a stack of printed paper, you know how much it cost you by the piece. This powerful mental standard can help motivate your organization to take more control of its printing practices and how much it could be saving.

Other Considerations in the Paper Test Print Audit

Part of the reason our “Paper Test” works is that it gives us something tangible to focus on. A million suffering endangered species in a distant country may not elicit as much sympathy as a hungry stray cat meowing outside your backdoor, for instance. The next time you see a request for donations because millions of cats are homeless and starving, you just may be inclined to think of that one poor pussycat who needed your help, except times a one with many, many zeros behind it.

Similarly, when we perform the paper test, we begin to understand that the cost-per-printed page metric allows us to think granularly. Suddenly, every single wasted print job has an objective cost to it. We may even begin to consider other issues that a single piece of paper raises.

For example, when looking at that paper, what workflow got it to your desk or inside your folder? Who typed up the original document? When did they print it? Did they send it to someone else first? Were they able to print it correctly on the first try without issues? Could they get it instantly, or did they have to walk an inconvenient amount of steps?

When mulling these questions over, you can also begin to consider: how could the process have been different? In what ways could it be made more efficient? More economical? Most of all: do you care enough to reduce your cost per printed page, in addition to reducing all the headaches and person labor hours required to get it on your desk?

If the answer is “yes,” then Freedom Profit Recovery has the solution for you. We are a vendor-agnostic, cost-recovery-based consultancy business that finds the perfect set of hardware, software and services that can reduce printing costs. Learn more about how we help you save in meaningful ways by reading about our document management consultant services.

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