Why Morsco Prefers FPR as a Document Management Consultant

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Since 1917, Morsco (previously Morrison Supply) has been a leading provider of construction and building supplies in the greater Fort Worth area. As they modernized their company, they quickly found themselves in need of a document management consultant company who could help with overhead cost reduction and simplifying their document output workflow. They then turned to Freedom Profit Recovery, and have been happy with the results ever since.

In order to learn more about how and why Morrison Supply values our relationship, we sat down with Jason Ruoff, the company’s Director of IS Operations for a talk about how we bring value to the relationship.

Can you describe your document output environment prior to FPR?

Management and support was completely on my plate and on my team’s plate, so it made things difficult and it made a lot of extra work for my team, having to manage all that stuff.

Is there any particular reason you selected FPR?

It was really a partnership for us and someone who really had a vested interested in our businesses and wanted to help us be successful.

Has FPR helped you by removing these non-core tasks from your daily routine?

That’s exactly why we chose FPR: because we don’t have time to worry about printers all day, every day. The amount of tickets we have in printers is greatly reduced, and that’s because we go to you guys (FPR), and FPR will handle any issues we have. So, we can focus on much larger things, like growing and doubling again.

Could you describe your experience with respect to FPR?

My experience with FPR and my team’s experience with FPR has been positive. I think we’re going on over two years now, at least, and it’s been great. We work well together.

The FPR team is very responsive. Even if we had something we need to work out together, they’re willing to come to the table and figure something out like a replacement, or something like that. It’s really been a great relationship. And like I said: I really don’t have to worry about anything. It gets handled, so that’s important to me.

How has your experience with FPR been different than with other document management consultant companies?

I’ll go back to it again: I think it’s the partnership. It just doesn’t seem like the bigger players wanted to [be on that level]. It was like we were just another number. They wanted to get our business, of course, to make commissions or whatever.

FPR is really interested in our business and helping us. They really wanted to help us serve our customers, which is [our core] business. So, that was probably the biggest thing. When we met with you guys from the beginning, you could tell right away it was a different type of program or group of people than these other, large vendors who don’t have a real interest in helping us succeed.

Please describe FPR in a few words.

Attentive, and willing to serve.

Do you have any closing thoughts?

I’m glad that we chose you guys. I don’t have to worry about anything. It gets handled, and that’s really important to me. It’s been a fantastic partnership.

Experience Morsco’s positive document management consultant results for your company

Freedom Profit Recovery charges no up-front costs, and we always maintain relationships to ensure that our overhead cost reduction solutions continue working for you. Visit our document management consultant services page to learn more about how we can help your business save and succeed.

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