Why The FPR Methodology Is Worth Considering

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In the business world, you hear a lot of sales pitches from B2B vendors. An obscene amount, in fact. From document management consultants to telecom systems vendors, you endure the same spiel laden with marketing jargon and short on actual answers. In the meantime, you have one concern running through your mind: how to gain efficiencies and cut cost in business.  While sales reps yammer on about their incredible “solutions,” you are simply wondering about numbers. How much money will they save you, and how will they keep their promises?

Freedom Profit Recovery (FPR) to the rescue. As our name implies, the vision of this company is to free businesses from the shackles of endless empty promises and deliver instead true profit recovery and cost savings. We guarantee real hard–dollars recovered in document outputenergy and telecommunications— usually 15% to 30%, day one, without one penny of capital spend. We don’t make a dime unless you save a dollar.

We also only provide real, customized suggestions rather than cookie cutter sales pitches. As independent, neutral service providers, we are not beholden to suggest any one vendor or service in our quest to save you money. Looking at these major differences, you can see how FPR is a cut above all the others. Read on to find out more about how we work hard to make our clients happy and, more importantly, save them money.

Cost-­Recovery-­Based Revenue Model

The key difference between our pitch and others is that we don’t make money unless you save money. This constraint is built right into the contract: we only charge a small portion of the costs we are able to recover. This revenue-earning model forces us to be honest. It also helps us select the clients who need our services the most. Like a trial lawyer who works on contingency fees, we only take on cases we feel confident that we can win.

Another important effect of this agreement is that all of our suggestions are made in good faith.  We do not earn commission for selling you superfluous hardware or upselling you on the most bloated version of a solution possible. Instead, like a chef choosing the finest elements for a special dish, we selectively present you only what you need to operate more efficiently.

Managed Savings Providers™

Since we have covered how we are different from B2B vendors, we should explain what makes us different from other consulting companies. Our services work according to a three-step process:

  • Analysis — Our VISIONAnalysis™ analytics tool lets us carefully but thoroughly dissect your company’s current expenditures. Our assessment reveals areas of redundancy, inefficiency, waste and general excess expense. By looking at your specific data, we can present your C level with clear decision-making tools.
  • Consultancy — We literally make it our business to know about the best solutions out there. By taking into account the size of your organization, its typical activities and your long-term goals, we can provide solutions that truly fit your exact needs.
  • Managed Savings Providers™ — After offering suggestions, we will not leave you twisting in the wind. Instead, we stick around to oversee implementation and administration of solutions over the long-term. As your company adapts and scales, challenges you face and new opportunities for cost recovery are handled expertly by our specialists.

Stop Needlessly Hemorrhaging Money! Let Freedom Profit Recovery Rescue You!

We provide analysis, consulting and managed savings services for all businesses in the areas of:

If you think you are spending more time, money or effort than you need to in any of these three areas, trust the experts with the experience and motivation to bring your costs down.

About FPR

FPR is a privately-held North American-based consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. Through our industry-unique VISIONAnalysis™ process, we have successfully combined unparalleled expertise and comprehensive intelligence to deliver significant value and cost management to our clients. FPR collaborates with its clients to help them achieve high performance.

For more information, please feel free to contact Mr. Brent Newton at FPR at (972) 650-0700.

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