Why You Should Evaluate Your Document Output Environment Post-Covid

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One thing that is certain post-Covid is that most everyone’s business footprint and environment has changed.  With staff working remotely, the needs within the corporate business environment are changed.  In addition, with the change in overall staffing, most companies are device-rich as it relates to their copiers and print devices.   But what didn’t change during this period is the contracted volumes or costs companies incur to maintain this over-sized fleet.

“FPR has always grown most during recessionary or cyclical downturns, as that’s when companies are most interested in reducing expenses.  If you’re a financial decision maker, now is a perfect time to analyze your environment to trim the excess and right-size the environment, be it document output or telecom services.  We’ve been doing this effectively for almost 20 years, and we know how to do this better than anyone else in the industry.”, said Brent Newton, Partner at FPR.

Freedom Profit Recovery offers a unique value proposition to our clients. Our services pose absolutely no financial risk to them and guarantee cost savings. This means that you can cut costs on FPR’s dime. When we look for ways to cut costs for our clients, we do so at our peril, earning a percentage of the savings only when that occurs.  If we are unable to find methods to recover costs, then our clients pay absolutely nothing.  By only charging a percentage of cost recovery, our service fees are practically invisible to our clients’ accounts. They essentially spend negative money — new income and cost savings is realized through our strategic recommendations and recommended services. As all of these extra costs come in, the small portion that goes to us is negligible compared to the fact that your business is able to find money lingering where no one else could.

About FPR

FPR is a privately-held North American-based consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. Through our industry-unique VISIONAnalysis™ process, we have successfully combined unparalleled expertise and comprehensive intelligence to deliver significant value and cost management to our clients. FPR collaborates with its clients to help them achieve high performance.

For more information, please feel free to contact Mr. Brent Newton at FPR at (972) 650-0700.

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