Energy Consultations & Solutions | The Challenge

In a time when companies are looking for ways to cut expenditures, the timing is perfect for FPR Energy Consultations & Solutions. FPR is assisting companies in reducing their overall energy expenditures. Built on the same platform as our industry-unique cost-recovery model for document output, FPR has established a two-level approach to assisting companies in reducing their energy expenditures.


An Analytic Approach to Energy Cost Reduction.

This is about more than just reducing your energy rates. This is about analyzing your organization and its energy-consuming infrastructure to identify more efficient cost-effective solutions to your overall energy utilization.

Our team of professional consultants is available to efficiently assist you in avoiding the pitfalls of the electricity marketplace and ensure that you are presented real-time energy solutions that represent daily market rates.

To Allow Us To Discuss Our Approach With You