About FPR Cost-Management Consultants

In a global economy, competition is greater than ever. The “me-too’s” in the marketplace do not even remotely approach providing the comprehensive and independent knowledge base that Freedom Profit Recovery (FPR) has assembled.

FPR is a privately-held North American-based consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. Through our industry-unique VISIONAnalysis™ process, we have successfully combined unparalleled expertise and comprehensive intelligence to deliver significant value and cost management to our clients. FPR collaborates with its clients to help them achieve high performance.

Our high performance cost-recovery approach builds on our expertise in several key areas: document-output cost recoverytelecom cost recovery and electricity cost reduction. In turn, this allows our clients to operate at the highest degree of efficiency for their shareholders. Using our independence, industry knowledge, service-offering expertise and technology capabilities, we proactively identify new technology trends and develop solutions to help clients reduce operating expenditures, improve operational performance and streamline business processes.

We have extensive relationships with our clients, which ultimately allows us to become their relative knowledge base for these segments of their business. Our commitment to client satisfaction strengthens and extends our relationships.  Among the many strengths that distinguish FPR in the marketplace are our:

  • unparalleled industry expertise
  • dynamic and continually evolving service offerings
  • expertise in business transformation outsourcing
  • commitment to the long-term improvement of our clients
  • time-proven and experienced management team

By enhancing our consulting and outsourcing expertise with technology, alliances and other capabilities, we help move clients forward in these areas of their business, from strategic planning to day-to-day operations. FPR is ready to call its people, skill and technology to action to assist you in improving your organizations’ environment.

Three Key Unique Identifiers

FPR Uniqueness for Cost Recovery

There are three key components that comprise the uniqueness of FPR. These components should be your litmus test when evaluating whether or not to introduce any other outside firm within your organization. Core to who we are is the realization that doing business in this economy requires a client-minded approach to best assist companies achieve greater levels of efficiency and productivity while optimizing expenditures. While other companies in the marketplace speak the “me-too” game, upon detailed examination, their approach is ultimately focused around selling more products, hardware and services, and rarely is the best interest of your organization their primary focus.

Expertise to neutrality cost management

Independent From Manufacturers, Distributors, and Providers

Simply stated, this means that we do not represent any manufacturer, distributor or service provider. The significance of this single point cannot be overstated. Independence allows for an unbiased analysis and recommendation. We work for you. In addition, our independence ensures that your best interests are the sole focus of everything we think, say, and do as it relates to your organization. Lastly, independence requires us to be knowledgeable of the marketplace. Our team of experts has been assembled based upon their skill and expertise in their respective areas. This assures you the confidence that we are more than capable to assess your organization and make the best recommendations.

Cost-Recovery Based

Using our proprietary VISIONAnalysis™ analytics process, we uncover hard-dollar cost savings associated with your document output infrastructure, telecom infrastructure and electricity expenditures. Upon successful evaluation of your environment we earn a small portion of the overall hard-dollar savings we uncover as our profit-recovery fee. Simply put, if we can’t offer you an improvement, we earn nothing.

Expense to Expertise Cost Management

Managed Savings Providers™

We are not your typical $300 per hour paid consultants or “another project to manage.” Unlike typical cost-management consultants, we implement and support our recommendations for their entire usable life. Our partnership success is gauged on our delivery and management of the solution we recommend.

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