Giving You The Best View. A GLOBALViewTM

Doing more with less is the name of the game in today’s business environment.  To accomplish that objective requires great tools.  FPR has developed such a tool for our clients that allows them real-time visibility into their entire document output environment.


GLOBALViewTM has been designed to give you full insight into your document output environment. Within the dashboard, you have a global heat-map that illustrates all locations where FPR managed devices exist. To drill down, you simply click a map pin and you then are shown every device that exists within that selected location.  From there, you have the ability to drill down into every detail regarding that selected device.

In addition, there is a graph illustrating the Daily Service Calls for the current week, as well as the previous week, for a quick comparison of service call quantity. Lastly, there is a Savings by Category graph that allows you to quickly identify the quantifiable hard-dollar savings FPR has been able to deliver.

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Device Analyzer.

Real-time visibility to where a device is located is just the beginning. Having the ability to drill down into a device is an invaluable tool for executive-level decision making.  Some of the features include:

  • Device utilization
  • Open service requests
  • Service history
  • Device details
  • Historical volume trending
  • Asset age

and much more!

Cost Center Allocation.

One of the greatest benefits of GLOBALViewTM is the ability to allocate cost to individual cost centers by asset. Allowing individual departments and/or cost centers to be billed back for their portion of the overall document output pie is a benefit that many clients greatly appreciate. Historically, the copier world has been hesitant to provide this level of detail. With GLOBALViewTM, it’s available for your use should you decide to take advantage of it.

FPR is committed to delivering the most cutting-edge technology and solutions to our clients.  GLOBALViewTM is FPR’s proprietary asset management and analytics application that gives you real-time input and visibility into your document output environment.

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