Our Mission as Cost Management Consultants

In today’s business climate, it is important to understand the values of those with whom you and your organization interact. Of significant importance is ensuring that you are dealing with reputable people who possess true integrity. Our goal is to be that organization that you can depend on and trust as a business partner.

Our Three Core Differentiators

Since its inception, Freedom Profit Recovery (FPR) has been governed by our core differentiators. In six words, we you could best describe FPR as: Independent, Cost-Recovery Focused and delivering Quantifiable Value.

    • Independent. From our perspective, independence means everything to our clients. When we make a recommendation to our clients, they can be assured that it is always in their best interest. We are not tied to any manufacturer, vendor, distributor or wholesaler.
    • Cost-Recovery Focused. We begin from a position of pure cost-reduction focus. Unlike vendors who call on you every day, interested in selling you more, our focus is 100% based upon a cost-recovery mindset. If we don’t save you money, we earn nothing!
    • Quantifiable Value. Delivering quantifiable value ensures our clients that the proposed savings actually materialize to their bottom line. Our Core Values are the light which guides the character of who we are as a company. These core values are foundational and are the litmus for who we are, how we guide and the manner in which we behave.

Our mission is to successfully deliver value through visibility. One of the ways we serve our clients is by proactively recognizing trends in the marketplace and then applying a best-in-class cost reduction strategies to effectively guide our clients into those trends which benefit them the most.

We see our Christ-centric faith-based approach as the cornerstone of our success. You can be certain that at times, we will make mistakes (just ask those closest to us). It is how we handle those mistakes that is of greatest significance. We make every effort to operate in excellence and hope you are able to distinguish a difference in the people of our organization.  This foundation allows us to serve our clients by always placing them first.  Many companies today have forgotten that it is the client you serve, not the other way around.

We thank you again for considering our organization and the business model we believe to be second to none.

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