Client Case:  Custom Cost Management Solutions Saved Daisy Brand Money

Organization: Daisy Brand
Location: Dallas, Texas
Primary Business: Food Manufacturing

For more than four generations, Daisy Brand has been a family company committed to providing the freshest, most wholesome dairy products. This family-owned and run company has grown significantly over the years, and today you can find Daisy products across the country. Their success can be traced back to the roots of their company, which began with a horse, a buggy, and a simple goal to provide the best cultured dairy products.

With multiple locations across the United States, this complex manufacturing organization isn’t your typical dairy. As a result, they required a custom cost management solution to address their specific needs.

Document Output Asset Management Highlights Realized by Daisy Brand

  • The document output asset environment at Daisy Brand was evaluated and then right-sized. This industry-unique process to FPR allowed us the ability to eliminate outdated and worn devices as well as elimination of under-utilized assets within the organization.
  • Service responsiveness had become an issue for Daisy Brand. Through the vendor-consolidation process, the elimination of laggard service providers not only allowed for an increase in service response times, but also presented an increased dependability and eliminate the confusion on which vendor to contact when there was a need.
  • The recommended solution created a path to move away from the traditional silo-based management approach to an integrated and consolidated environment.
  • Processes were established to control and provide for consistent acquisitions for future needs.
  • Single-source invoicing was introduced to address all output assets within the organization.
  • Prior to FPR’s implementation Daisy Brand was engaged with multiple lease providers and multiple non-coterminous leases. By taking control of this process, FPR was able to reduce the total cost of ownership and extend the useful life of these assets.
  • FPR implemented a managed solution that provided Daisy Brand with a single point of contact to address all output devices.
  • FPR has become a trusted resource and extension of the Daisy Brand IT organization, by eliminating the non-core tasks associated with supporting output assets from their daily routines, enabling them to focus on higher priority objectives.
  • Because the DOAM model developed by FPR utilizes integrated life cycle services to manage critical business document output assets throughout their lifespan of value, technology refresh is proactively optimized on a continual basis.

FPR Mission

Our mission is to successfully deliver value through visibility. One of the ways we serve our clients is by proactively recognizing trends in the marketplace and then applying a best-in-class strategy to effectively guide our clients into those trends which benefit them the most. Ethically, our compass for decision making from our executive team down is very simply biblically based.

We thank you again for considering our organization and the business model we believe to be second to none.