Reduce Costs with a Telecom Consultation| The Solution

During a telecom consultation, our experienced professionals will leverage advanced auditing tools for one main objective: saving you money. FPR’s industry-unique VISIONAnalysis™ revolves around identifying exactly what services you have, which ones you use and which are unnecessary or obsolete. This allows us to then act upon the information and reap the savings without losing the functionality your company requires.

Our telecom recovery method has a proven track record of reducing telecom costs by 20-60%. Our approach has saved our clients in excess of $90 million. Experience illustrates that approximately 85% of the invoices we analyze uncover errors, overcharges, or discrepancies. We offer our clients the results that only come from experience, stability, proven processes and highly refined methods.

Vendor Independence: We Only Make Money When You Save Money

As is the case with every FPR offering, we operate independently from all providers, which means we are not motivated by financial incentives from telecom carriers and/or service providers. This objectivity allows us to provide the best services, solutions, and savings in the best interest of our clients.

World-Class Telecom Technology with Custom Reporting

We recognize that helping our clients gain visibility into and control over their telecommunications spend is vital. Accessing necessary information through clear, concise, and accurate reporting is crucial to the decision making process. To that end we have heavily invested in our world-class TEM software tool that features a client web portal with customized reporting and desktop functionality.

Full-Lifecycle Methodology to Provide Long-Term Savings and Integration

In comprehensive, end-to-end fashion, FPR manages the entire lifecycle of your voice, data and mobile communications assets, applications and costs. This method provides the control, visibility and proven best practices to address critical business needs within your organization’s telecommunications environment. By providing you service through the lifecycle, FPR is able to fully understand your needs and integrate the most beneficial cost saving techniques for you.

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